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Slider Restoration




Get ready to slip into freshly restored slides with our professional restoration service. Our in-house team offers color matching, re-strapping, and re-gluing to give your slides a new lease on life. Plus, each slide will receive our Hydrophobic Coating for protection, Deodorizer for freshness, and AV Dust Bag for storage. Trust our team to bring your slides back to their best.

Slider Restoration

  • No printer? No problem!  Enjoy door-to-door convenience with our courier service. Our friendly courier will collect your shoes from your desired address, all you need to do is present your QR code! Alternatively, you are welcome to package your shoes and take them to a local post office, where they will print your shipping label for you upon presentation of your QR code. Your shoes will be AV Cleaned and returned to your address within 5 days. 

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