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The AV Card

Here at AV Cleans, we are always looking for new ways to reward our most loyal customers. With The AV Card, we aim to show our appreciation for your continued patronage and loyalty with a special offer designed to save you money.

How Does It Work?

Upon receipt of your 1st pair of AV Cleaned shoes, somewhere inside your box you will find your AV Card (AVC) with a single AV stamp. Each time you send off your shoes, make sure you include your AVC within the box and we will return it with another stamp!​


When you receive your 4th pair of AV Cleaned shoes, you will find a 4th stamp + a discount code on the back of your AVC which can be redeemed online to access your 5th clean for free in the form of our Premium Treatment Plan!​


But hang on... we're not done just yet. When you have your 9th pair returned, you will receive another discount code that can be redeemed to access your 10th clean for free in the form of our Elite Treatment Plan!

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